5 reasons why manual processes should be automated

The world is constantly evolving. Today it is doing so much faster than ever before. Constant new innovations are constantly boosting the production process and automation technologies are dominating the world. Relevant processes are controlled by machines, and those who do not use process automation are being forced out of the market step by step. But we, the TH electronic GmbH, master the process automation as well as the necessary robotics. Thereby we examine the functional sequences from all points of view in order to be at your side as a competent partner for the implementation of process automation.
  1. Reduction of personnel costs: In view of the cost pressure, the optimal deployment of personnel and effective process management is a decisive competitive factor.
  2. Increased performance: Manual and slow processes in industry are accelerated by automatic production robots, resulting in shorter throughput times.
  3. Increased competitiveness: Improved process steps and increased production quantities increase competitiveness in the market.
  4. Employee safety: Through the strategic implementation of machines, hazardous and health-endangering activities are now performed by machines.
  5. Motivation of employees: By taking over the boring and repetitive work of machines, more employees can be engaged in interesting activities.

Process automation ready for implementation

Automation technology made easy. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can design the entire range of automation systems for you, from simple hardware controls to customer-specific programmed PLC controls. Quickly and competently we show you possible ways and implement them for you.

At the beginning of the process we carry out a technical check of all operating procedures. This is done by means of monitoring and an analysis. After existing problems have been identified and their causes defined, our engineers begin to work out a solution to the problem. This leads to the most important point: the objective of the project. Our engineers and technicians work out a new structure, the processes are individually examined and reworked.

Convince yourself of our comprehensive order processing. We accompany you from the analysis, planning, project planning, development, design and production to delivery on time. And all from one source with us, the TH electronic GmbH. Thanks to innovative technology and many years of experience we are your competent partner when it comes to automating business processes.

  • With our solutions of machine control the efficiency is increased and the stressful activity is made easier.
  • As soon as technical processes are taken over by machines, we speak of automated process control. In this case, certain values, tolerances and processes are adhered to, thus reducing production errors.
  • The development and control of robots, also called robotics, originates from sub-areas of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.